More convenient and efficient. I can spend the whole evening out just to try to meet a few people and talk to a lot of people, and I must first determine if they are free and expect dating, not to mention whether we are interested in each other. Or I can spend an hour on a dating site and see a dozen or so people who can chat with them on the site. Welcome friends here to talk about their love story! . .

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    2016-12-26 at 12:41 am

    Found that men can not discuss his girlfriend on this matter, there are two reasons particularly puzzling.

    The first reason is to let the woman obviously feel this man is not true: for example, there is a technical male, no love experience, but the age is not small, so afraid of blind date, if the woman
    Know their love experience is simple and produce a variety of ideas. As a result, he weaved his love for a period of experience before, the result is to wear help, and then there is no then.

    In fact, the feeling of love lying to each other is the case. Really do not have to do that, some women tend to love the simple point of love men, but if the lie, even if it is a good lie, will self-defeating.

    The second reason is too stingy: you know, no one would like a big man like Guanjia Po like talking about money and money, not to spend all day counting the number of girls who. I dare say, as long as a man willing to spend money, not stingy, find a girlfriend is not difficult. If reluctant, then you single.

    See a cable men blind date, the first Western restaurant coffee, because the reasons for their own pay, but also calculate the big cup, cup and small cup, and blind date girl happened to see this scene, and my heart naturally have ideas; The second time with dinner, this Zuo Nan made AA pay, so there is no then.

    Found a lot of men complained that day can not find a girlfriend, but in fact some of the men is because the old spend money stingy overturned. .


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